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Note-Making for Piano!

We are excited to announce the arrival of our newest book:

Note-Making for Piano!

Building upon the success of our colorful Note-Friend™ sticker system used in our group classes and in our Easy Piano Songs book, Note-Making for Piano! takes the color-notation method to a new level. Similarly, it starts by getting beginners playing melodies they know almost immediately by matching the pictures of Note-Friends™ animals with their stickers on their pianos, then deftly transitions to reading color-coded rhythms on lines and spaces using our very own ColorClef™. 

Never has there been such a fun, intuitive piano instruction book to prepare new music makers for reading traditional music on a staff!

At Notasium, we feel music should be taught like a language. Young children learn how to hear and speak a language before they learn how to read it, right? Our method teaches children, and beginners of any age, to hear and play music first before they have to worry about how it’s traditionally meant to be read. Reading music can be an obstacle to making music which is the first priority. The more a beginner succeeds at making music, the more they want to make!

In Note-Making for Piano!, our engaging and intuitively-created Note-Friend™ stickers eliminate the initial hurdles of reading music so students can play songs almost immediately. As students progress and gain confidence, the book allows them to transition easily into recognizing same-colored traditional notes on the lines and spaces of our unique ColorClef™ notation.

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